Better late than never

You’d think that plunking down $75 for triathlon registration 2 months ago would have cemented the need to get serious about training. Yeah, not so much. But late is better than never, right?

My first triathlon will be a sprint distance held on the sandy white beaches of Ft Desoto Park just outside St Petersburg, Florida on May 18th. Feel like punishing challenging yourself? You can learn more and register here:

I realized TODAY that I SHOULD be in my second week of regimented training with only 10 full weeks of training to go. Typical case of athletic procrastination on my part. (oh, I don’t need to REALLY train for this, I can eek it out. ) This will be my first triathlon. Am I willing to let it to kick my butt ’cause I was lazy? Don’t think so.

Someday has turned into today.

And someday/today is in March. So I am grateful that I live in Florida where I can run the beach. At sunset. Without wearing six layers.

beach running makes me happy

It’s on. Tomorrow, I make an appearance at the gym.

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