Not Quite Ready for the Open Water

Hurley Park

THE PLAN demanded a swim and weights for today’s workout. And I delivered at the gym. Sometimes, it feels crazy to trudge to the gym when I have a pretty sweet heated pool where I live, but it’s short of an Olympic sized pool and frankly, it can get crowded (read: folks NOT doing laps). So, it’s to the gym for me, which is just fine since THE PLAN asks for weights to be lifted too, and all I have at home is two lonely yet serious looking dumbbells.

But there are other options on Wednesday nights thanks to the St Pete Mad Dogs Triathlon Club. The Mad Dogs have several show-and-go FREE bike/run/swim workouts around the St Pete area that are open to everyone, not just members. (You have to complete a triathlon, of any length, to join their ranks officially.)

Last year, when I started to fantasize about investigate triathlons and local triathlon clubs, my husband and I went with a few beers and our beach chairs to check out the scene as these supposed Mad Dogs swarmed upon the sleepy village of Pass-a-Grille for sunset. It WAS quite a scene. At least a hundred folks of all body sizes and degrees of seriousness and silliness came out to swim. Around 6:15pm they walked the mile of shoreline from Hurley Park to the Don Cesar and then dove into the Gulf waters and swam back to Hurley Park. SOME of these folks run immediately after the swim. MOST of these folks head into the picnic area of Hurley Park to enjoy a pot luck style after-workout nosh. Looked like a cool crowd. And I intended to ACTUALLY swim and/or run with these Mad Dogs before the open water season ended in October. But life happened and I didn’t.

If the air temperature was about 10 degrees warmer I probably could have been talked into doing it tonight. (Full disclosure: air temp was 62 degrees when we rolled thru tonight and I shudder to think what the water temp was.)

But I DID swim and lift weights today as instructed. And afterwards, Greg (the lovely husband) and I drove down to Pass-a-Grille and watched sunset and the first open water swim/run of the Mad Dogs 2013 season. There weren’t  a hundred people participating tonight, but there were PEOPLE doing it. And that picnic area looked like a bit of fun.

See ya soon, Mad Dogs. Hope to join your ranks on May 18th!

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