Ridin’ The Pinellas Trail

on the Pinellas Trail, Gulfport turnoff

Sometimes when you wish for something, you get it.

THE PLAN called for a bike ride and I wanted to ride outside, not in the gym. I was hoping for warmer/less windy weather than the weathermen were predicting and I lucked out. It was still pretty chilly and VERY windy but I pulled out a vest I haven’t worn since Portland (I’ve lived in Florida for the past two years) and hit the Pinellas Trail. It’s a Rails-to-Trails project that is pretty impressive. (And I’ve run/biked the Rails-to-Trails projects in Utah, Colorado, Hawaii and Oregon.) The Pinellas Trail starts (or ends) on the waterfront of St Petersburg and winds north past Clearwater and ends, for now, in Tarpon Springs a respectable 38.2 miles later.

I  rocked 10 miles of that 38.2 today, but Speedie will GO and rock out a 76.4 mile Pinellas Trail Loop Extravaganza Ride at some point.

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