Missed workouts happen, at least to me

Xterra Trout Creek

Next Sunday, I’ll be running the Xterra Trout Creek 5k trail race. But this Sunday, I’m wallowing in my (small but real) failure filled weekend.

Training didn’t happen on Saturday OR Sunday. It happens. In the myriad of training and running books, articles and blogs I’ve read I’ve come across many stories of planned workouts that didn’t happen. And now I can add mine.

I am the live-in manager for a boutique hotel in Florida and we host a St Patrick’s Day party every year. On Saturday, the caterer was set to arrive at quarter to five so I needed to jam a brick (bike ride immediately followed by a short run) in BEFORE work. I dutifully laid out my clothes for a chilly morning ride/run the night before, set my alarm and fantasized about a brick.

I’ve been so happy about daylight savings time kicking in=extra time after work to complete my training sessions that I forgot about the mornings=pitch black. Duh. And that was Saturday. So, I went to the carnival AGAIN and enjoyed a few Guinness with friends.

I don’t usually work on Sundays but I did today and had every intention of running after work.

This blog was intended to be part journal, part inspiration to folks like me who are interested in what it takes to tri, and part accountability. So here’s the deeply honest part of today’s blog. I wasn’t feeling it today. Instead of enjoying a run on the beach, I am on the couch watching movies and punishing myself with the crushing guilt of two back-to-back dropped workouts.

It happens. And tomorrow will he here soon. I’ll be ready.

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