You Don’t Know If You Don’t Go

honu on the beach trail

I read an interview with Robert DeNiro where he was asked about his parenting style. He responded that he tells his kids “you don’t know if you don’t go” and that has stuck with me. He was talking specifically about world travel but I think it applies to triathlon training.

I didn’t think I had the miles in me today. I hit the pool and the weights pretty hard yesterday in the gym. I also disobediently (NOT on THE PLAN for the day but I wanted to run!)  ran a mile on the treadmill. I think that one little extra mile yesterday got me today. (Duh, one of the reasons you have a plan is to keep your enthusiasm from tempting you with more miles than are necessary or wise.)

I dragged my heels after work. (Usually, I am out the door for my post-work runs at 5:15.) It was 5:45 before I was heading out, which thankfully for daylight  savings time, didn’t mean my cool down walk home would be in the dark. But I went. I ran. BECAUSE you don’t know if you don’t go. I DID have the miles in me. And that’s what training is all about, right? You do the workouts on the days you don’t want to so you can rock it out on the days you do. (This is also a version of my husband’s motivational phrase “don’t want to, got to.”

Tomorrow at the gym, I will do what THE PLAN tells me and not a bit more. Otherwise, I’ll have to call it “the plan” as opposed to THE PLAN.

Treasure Island beach trail

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