Almost (a) race weekend

Looks like my 5k trail race on Sunday will be in the rain. Sounds about right. Nah, the rain doesn’t bother me, at least not when I’m running. I’ve  fell in love with trail running while living in Portland, Oregon. If you don’t run in the rain, you don’t run. And if the trails of Washington & Forest Parks don’t make you wanna take off and run, then it just isn’t in ya. It WAS in me and I rocked it. I ran every single mile of trail in both those parks. Check it out….it’s a trail runner’s dream.

And then, I moved to flat Florida. No hills to climb, no epic mountain views to reward you at the top. Florida does have beach running AND epic views all it’s own, though. And 97% of my runs don’t happen in the rain. So it’s all good.

But sometimes, I do miss the TRAILS. (Yes, I know Florida has trails but without the serious switchbacks/mountains it just doesn’t seem like TRAIL running, ya know? )

That’s why I am excited to do another Xterra Trail Race.

Xterra MEANS serious trail/more-than-just-off-road/a little harder than the rest. (I guess, their marketing has worked on me. Ha.) Before I lived in Portland I lived on Maui, Hawaii. The world championships for most of the previous (and likely future) Xterra trail races are on Maui/Oahu and it was an inspiration to me back then.

Xterra makes you work for it. (I drink my coffee every morning out of my Xterra Wildhorse campfire race mug, and I would not think of drinking my coffee out of anything else. Unless, of course, I earn another cool mug this weekend.)

And yes, I swam and did my core routine this afternoon at the gym. ‘Cause yes, I have a trail race this weekend, but I also have my first triathlon just a mere two months from now.

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