Ugh. Do I have a fever?

Yep, you guessed it. I am going down.

Greg, the hubby, got sick yesterday and I somehow knew I wouldn’t be far behind. I can now confirm that I have caught whatever crap is this weeks’ latest plague. Ugh.

I don’t own a thermometer, obviously no kids in MY house, so I have no idea if I have a fever. If I DON’T have a fever on Sunday morning, I’m racing.

Everything I’ve read on the subject of when to admit you are sick and NOT run or race agrees that with a fever you DON’T run. I’m sure there are elites out there that can and do pull that off, but I’m just a normal everyday have-a-job (not sponsored) athlete.

There are also the blogs and articles and interviews of folks who DID run with a fever and regretted it. They said they wouldn’t do it again. That’s enough for me.

Getting sick now (a day and a half before a trail running race) and being introduced to the evil possibility that I won’t be able to do it scares me. ‘Cause I have a triathlon in 56 days, dammit. I need to start boosting my immune system.

So I’m just popping the vitamin C, eating all my greens and hoping I beat this in the next 34 hours.

Oh, and vomit has the same race killin’ capability as fever. Just sayin’.

Anyone have a pre-race remedy or raced-while-i-was-sick story to share? I’d love to hear what you think.

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