I love (running) technology

beach trail route

beach trail route

I love technology. I love gadgets. I love apps. (My husband is probably only a few weeks away from hiding my smartphone just to see if I can handle life without it. Honestly, not sure I can at this point.)


I also love researching everything. I don’t impulse buy. I research. I research until I’m so exhausted by the comparisons and lists and options that I fall into a complete heap of knowledge and finally buy something. But I RARELY buy apps.

I actually threw down ten whole cents to upgrade from the free version of Endomondo to the Pro version when Google Play was having a “ten days of ten apps for ten cents” promotion. I’d been using the free version for a while and jumped at the chance to own the pro version for what was virtually free. (Research tells me that free is good.)

Recently, Endomondo has changed the features offered to their free and pro users, creating a new level of service called “premium.” (It’s basically fifteen bucks a year to upgrade and I’m wondering if it’s worth it. I know, it’s only fifteen bucks, but if I threw down fifteen bucks all willy nilly whenever someone promised me a better digital experience, I’d be broke.)

So I’m asking YOU. What do you use to track your runs and rides? Do you swear by your Garmin? Do you just run and ride for time? Have you used Endomondo and if so, have you upgraded to Pro or Premium?


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