Hey, that bird stole my sandwich!

Treasure Island side of bridge

Instead of making excuses or creating an elaborate backstory I’ll just be honest. I am a slacker and that’s why I haven’t blogged in almost exactly three weeks. I meant to. I missed it. I just didn’t get it done. Bad Speedie. Moving on, people.

The weather has gone from “winter” to summer here in southwest Florida. And I am not complaining. Four days in a row wearing pants is too much. The water temperature has reached a respectable 75 degrees and since I’ve been itching to get in some open water swims and I don’t care to buy a wetsuit quite yet I held out until yesterday.

The husband and I loaded up a kayak, our new paddleboard (really an old windsurf board that washed up on our property) and a picnic lunch and headed to Ft Desoto park. I’ve been there several times since we moved to the area but not since I registered for the triathlon. And since this past weekend was the one-month-out weekend it just seemed right to tackle an open water swim exactly where I’ll need to rock it next month.

We found the transition area and starts for the various legs of the triathlon and walked the beach along the swim portion. It was a little too far from the truck and the toys to plant ourselves there for the afternoon so we cruised two parking lots down til we found just the right spot for kayaking, swimming and paddling without a serious gear haul.

And then it was time for a little picnic lunch. Four bites into my sandwich (roughly half) and some kamikaze bird flew between my head and my hand stole my sandwich. Seriously, bird? We cannot be friends now. Or ever. I take my sandwiches VERY seriously. Such things cannot be forgiven.


(Pretty sure the bird perched atop this sign is the bugger that stole my sandwich.)

But honestly, it could have been this guy, too.


With my sandwich gone and Greg’s in his belly we picked up the “paddleboard” and headed out to see what would happen. We weren’t entirely sure it would work as a paddleboard, since it was in fact an old-school windsurfer without the universal and mast. But hey, it’s free gear, right?

Greg climbed on an it was instantly clear that it would not be floaty enough for him to have any fun on it. Which meant it was my turn. I eased onto the board and stood up. Yep, stood up and DID NOT FALL. I spread my feet a little further apart and a bit more forward on the board and it felt great. It felt better than great, it felt NATURAL! Yipee! (Kinda exciting when we get a toy that is ALL mine. Hee hee.) Greg handed me the paddle and I was off. It felt like I had always been paddling standing up. I took it out two more times and reveled in the fact that I had a new toy/sport to tackle. But back to business, I had an open water swim to tackle.


I walked the beach .13 miles with the help of Endomondo, turned around and doubled back returned to where I started. Then I wrestled with my hair until I got it all inside that cap. And off I went. It was a picture perfect day to attempt paddleboarding (on a windsurf board) and my first open water swim of the year…FLAT! I won’t say that I rocked it, ’cause it sure felt like work, but I got it done. The conditions probably won’t be so easy on race day and I’m sure that I’ll get run over or punched or kicked during the swim (hepefully NOT during the bike or run, ha) but I can say that it was a confidence builder to go the distance necessary in the open water a full month before I HAVE to.

It does appear that I have abandoned THE PLAN. I have pretty much completed whatever distance the triathlon requires for each sport as a minimum workout. So much for the plan.

Today was an unexpectedly gnarly and physical day at work but I was determined not to let work get in the way of my workout. I was out the door by 5:15pm, my goal everyday I work, and ran towards the beach. I didn’t have a plan necessarily (are you detecting a pattern here?) but I knew that I needed to do at least a 5k (next month’s sprint triathlon distance) and I figured it would be a perfect day to go 5 miles (this Sunday’s Xterra race distance.)  And just like that a plan was formulated. My ran took my thru the heart of downtown Treasure Island (sorry for the dramatics…my island is two blocks wide), onto the newly renovated beach path and then back on the road and over the drawbridge (also known as my hill workout) to Madeira Beach with a quick tap of the last pillar for emphasis, and then back over the bridge and back to the beach path. There wasn’t quite enough beach path left to make it five miles so I just ran in quarter mile circles til Endomondo proclaimed that I’d run the five miles. I looked and felt silly but it did mean that I could repeatedly hit up the water fountain. (Something tells me that my lovely husband may have made off with my favorite water bottle. It’s been known to happen.)


Turns out that thievery abounds lately.

2 responses to “Hey, that bird stole my sandwich!

  1. I used to live in Tampa, I love that area of Madeira Beach and Treasure Island! I was just thinking about how it would be a great place for Tri training now that I’m doing that up here where we have winter.

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