Bikini Run with the Mad Dogs


I’m still not quite ready for the open swim, but I am ready to rub elbows with the St Pete Mad Dogs. (I’m not eligible to officially join until I’ve completed a triathlon, but they invite EVERYONE to come out to their show-and go workouts.) They announced on their FB page that tonight’s swim would be followed by a Bikini Run thru the downtown of Pass-a-Grille. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the St Anthony’s Triathlon’s and in the spirit of Kona’s Underwear Run, the Bikini Run would be an un-timed, no award, no bib pre-sunset run with other people in their bathing suits, or less.

Greg and I walked to where the other bathing-suit-with-sneakers people were starting to gather and waited for someone of some apparent authority to tell us what to do. A nice enough fella asked us to move into the street for a photo and a nice enough looking lady had a camera so I took that to be a sign of the proper authority and we moved into the street. There was no fanfare just a short countdown and we were off.

A slow mile passing just enough balcony bar patrons to cheer and get cheered while running in beachwear. Not a bad Wednesday night. Yeah, I only participated in the least serious or athletically ambitious portion of the evening’s workout, but it was nice to be there. And the after workout cook-out is fantastic. Tons of smiles from people I hope to get to know.

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