Non-Keith Richards Hair

This Sunday, I’ll be racing the second of three Xterra trail races held in Florida this year. My friend Matthew will probably dust me be running with me and my husband will be volunteering. It’s only a five mile race but there are still race-day considerations to be made.

First, is my choice of music. I don’t always run with music and I don’t always race with music, but I’m feeling it this race. My buddy, Matthew, ran cross-country back in high school and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna hang out with me for a mile or two and then get fed up and have to go! And that’s cool. I think I’d like to have some tunes to comfort me as I get dusted. So…here’s my playlist: (clicking on links will take you to a version on YouTube)

What You Do To Me-Blackroc


Fresh Blood-Eels

Heartbroken, In Disrepair-Dan Auerbach

Help Me (She’s Out of Her Mind)-Sterophonics

I Want Some More-Dan Auerbach

Leave Him For Me-The New Lou Reeds

Kinda I Want To-Nine Inch Nails

Steam-Peter Gabriel


Shut the F*ck Up-Cake

Tremendous Dynamite-Eels

Going the Distance-Cake

Playlist disclaimer: These are NOT my favorite thirteen songs or even my favorite thirteen running songs. They are simply the thirteen songs I’m feelin’ for this week’s race. A little heavy on the Eels, Black Keys/Black Keys collaborations and a big slice of Cake.

Second pre-race consideration tackled today: hair. Most boy runners don’t have this problem and most girl runners do. (Feel free to skip this part of the post, I won’t be offended, if this is just too much puff for ya.) My hair is in that in-between stage where a ponytail isn’t possible and yet I have just too much hair in my face without something like a visor. And I havne’t found a headband that stays on my head by itself (let’s face it, slipping headbands are the equivalent of a head wedgie.) I managed to tame it all by wearing a headband not as far back in the front as would seem natural and held into place by two tiny ponytails. Riveting, I know. But the alternative is:


This is what my hair looked like the first week I lived in Florida. Keith Richards called, he wants his hair back. But he’ll have to catch me first!

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