Goldilocks Would Go!

Today’s morning run was part of a mini-taper before my trail race this weekend. I say mini-taper since a five mile race doesn’t really need much of a taper, duh.

I figured that today I would do a do the slowest little run I could stand and then work and then relax the rest of tonight. Probably definitely sneak in some ice-cream. (Karamel Sutra, Ben & Jerry’s.) Tomorrow, I’ll just work and not workout at all. No ice-cream.

As an impatient runner that wants to run faster and longer NOW, I think it shows growth that I am able to actually enjoy those runs when my only real purpose is to slow down, instead of fretting that I’m not running fast enough at this point. I’m grateful I had the presence to recognize the indulgence of a slow run before it was over and just enjoy it. And what’s not to like? A run mostly in the shade as the sun hadn’t yet topped the hotels along the beach. A glorious Florida spring morning that isn’t too hot already, isn’t too cold, but just right.

Which is kinda a shame since most of my badass running gear is made for weather 60 degrees or below. But anyway. This little Goldilocks also embraces cute little running skirts and NOT wearing layers.


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