Thursdays can be PERFECT

I was ready to RUN when I got up this morning! My alarm was set but I didn’t even need it. I was ready.

Most times I run from my house, I walk  the .3 mile bit of road to the beach/beach trail and then start running. GPS is on, Endomondo is on and usually, the music is on. But today, I skipped the music. Just woke up and felt like NOT listening to music. (There was about a 2 month stretch of time and running in Portland, Oregon that I chose not to run with music. Let’s see how long I go without plugging in some headphones.)

I survived ran a pretty intense five mile race on Sunday and haven’t run since. At work I spend more time on my feet than on my butt and as a general lifestyle I “walk the earth.” (Yes, that’s right, “walk the earth” like Samuel L Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction.) I was hoping to rest one extra day and pay a little more attention to my nutrition and reap the rewards this morning.

And I did. It was fantastic. A perfect 67 degrees at the start of my run with thick, dark, spreading clouds and just a hint of a breeze. I took off and reminded myself not take off too fast. When Endomondo announced my pace at half a mile into the run I was surprised and super stoked to hear that it was nearly 40 seconds faster than most of my moderate exertion miles (not long and easy, and not speed training miles) and it felt almost effortless. Whoa. So what the heck, I figured, I’m sufficiently warmed up, already running faster than I’d anticipated running for the last few miles (’cause I’m trying really hard to achieve negative splits) so why not stop holding back and just take off!

My first sweet quick mile was on the paved beach trail and the rest were on the beach just a few feet from the ankle-roller waves coming on shore. With each half a mile I managed to easily almost effortlessly shave seconds off my pace. At the two mile mark I calculated that I could run my fastest 5k time THIS MORNING if I just stayed on pace. Which just made me want to push it a little more. Endomondo proclaimed my pace and time at the three mile mark and I pulled my phone out of my arm holster. I was going for the record here, people, so I wanted to see the numbers change on the screen. And it was fantastic. I knew that I’d beaten my best ROAD 5k time on this run by at least a minute, but it wasn’t until I got home and fired up the computer and used Endomondo’s full site that I got to see that I had beaten my best time by 1:41 seconds. Wow.

So this is what I’m taking away from this lovely run:

I took the perfect amount of time “off” after my race,

I probably could be running faster in general if I could rock that run, on the sand, that quickly with moderate effort,

I adore running on the beach,

sometimes runs that look like they might get rained out are the best ones of all,

running in the morning makes the whole day better,

maybe I’m faster without music (regardless of it’s real or perceived effect on my speed, I think I’m going sans music for a while,)

Samuel L Jackson is a badass, I already knew that but it bears repeating,

listening to your body is a GOOD thing.

One response to “Thursdays can be PERFECT

  1. I used to run with music, and still put it on sometimes if I’m on a path, but I’m really starting to get used to with running without it. I never thought I’d say that…

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