Please, no sausage legs!

goodies from Fit2Run

I have a confession. I have NOT bought every piece of tri gear available.

I am riding a mountain bike that until recently had a cute little basket attached to it. Greg removed said basket to install a more serious looking water bottle cage. He also changed out my luggy tires for some sweet slicks, but it’s still a mountain bike. And that’s fine with me.

I know I’m not supposed to say that I’m “only doing a sprint”  but it does seem a little silly and self-indulgent and fiscally irresponsible to buy a new bike since I haven’t proven myself. YET. I wonder if I’ll be like those first-timers who’ve triumphantly crossed the finish line and realized they were hooked. Done. A slave to the tri. It could happen. And that’s when I’d feel it would be appropriate to start shopping for a new ride.

Until then, I’m just picking up little things. Ya know, Body Glide, Lock Laces, a race belt and some Nuun. Very glamorous stuff.

I went to Fit2Run St Pete last night after work and spent about 2 hours in runners’ paradise. They had more of a selection of tri clothing than I was expecting, but I was not able to find a tri short to take home with me. And I tried. I’d bet that 1 hour and 46 minutes of that 2 hours was spent trying on tri shorts. And trying on tri shorts again. Full disclosure: I am in love with running skirts so it’s hard for me to voluntarily return to sausage-leg shorts. I probably won’t be happy the way any tri short looks on me but I know all the cool kids will be wearing them so tried on every style and brand they had. Alas, I could not do it. I know, I know, I don’t have much time if I’m gonna wear tri specific shorts for this race. (Pretty much the ONLY rule I always follow is NOT wearing anything new on race day. Must have been run in before. I try to be a good girl.)

So unless I can find something online in the next 3 or 4 days I guess I’ll put tri shorts on the list with the bike. Things that I don’t absolutely NEED to complete this tri. Things I don’t deserve until I survive this tri. Things I will appreciate so much more because I DIDN’T have them for my first tri.

Yeah, I said it, my FIRST tri.

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