A Glamour Test Run

end of brick=cheeky smile

Whew. Longest brick to date done. Rocked, you might say. Race distance on the bike followed by 2.5 miles running, both in some crazy wind. Try not to be jealous of my post-workout hair.

On the bike, I had a chance to try the triple berry Nuun I picked up at Fit2Run last week. It was super tasty, didn’t cause any intestinal distress and doesn’t have any of that crap sugar just about every other sports drink contains. Thumbs up.

I also discovered mentally cataloged the areas that will be testing out the BodyGlide that was part of my super glamorous running store shopping experience last week.

And the last pre-race brick product test today was a pair of shorts I don’t usually run or bike in, but could. I needed to know if they would cause pain or injury survive a tri just in case my Amazon-tri-short-shopping-spree doesn’t deliver a pair that doesn’t induce the dreaded sausage legs.  (I don’t think I need to explain that one, right?) I ordered five pairs of tri shorts after trying on about 12 pairs. At this point, so close to the race I’ll have to live with the sausage legs if the fit is good. The shorts I already own probably wouldn’t cause any damage, but lack any padding/chamois in the saddle area. Again, probably no need to explain.

Only 12 full days remaining until the tri. I wonder how much more last-minute shopping and testing can happen in that time? Probably JUST enough.

3 responses to “A Glamour Test Run

  1. I’ve been doing some online shopping for tri clothes. I need to find somewhere to try them on in person, I’m too scared to push the button to get those online!

    • I tried mine on at Fit2Run for the same reason. I made notes on my phone of what size I am in each brand to make it a little easier. Amazon made it easy to push the button since they accept returns so easily. Good luck, it’s actually worse than shopping for a bathing suit, ha.

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