Tri Vocabulary and Other Glamorous Stuff

If you’re anything like my husband you are constantly bombarded with boring tri words that sound like things you recognize, but clearly don’t since you’re not training for a tri and reading every word written on the subject. For those of you who are struggling to pretend to be interested in some tri fool’s conversation blathering, here ya go…

Speedie’s Guide to Triathlon Vocabulary, Part One:

Brick=a workout consisting of two of the three sports back-to-back. Like a swim followed immediately by a bike ride or a bike ride immediately followed by a run. (If you attempt this last one, you WILL experience jelly legs for the first couple hundred yards. Good fun to see aforementioned wannabe triathlete attempt this.)

Farmer blow=the release of snot by holding one nostril shut and forcefully blowing out the other. (This skill is ESSENTIAL for any athlete to master, not just triathletes. Thankfully, I mastered this as a trail runner before I became a wannabe triathlete…one less thing to worry about.) This skill is also known as a snot rocket and should not be used when riding directly in front of your spouse unless they have previously doused you in snot and you owe them one.

Hydration=fancy-speak for drinking enough water, duh

Aerobars=handlebars that allow the rider to reach a more aerodynamic position during the bike leg of the race. (I was completely disenchanted to find this out as I thought they were candy bars. Hope I didn’t just ruin that for you, too.)

T1 and T2=(not at all related to any Terminator movie) transition 1 and transition 2 refer to the area and the action of finishing one sport during a race, hydrating and fueling, changing/adding gear for the next sport and prayer and supplication to the gods of gear and weather. Only kidding about that last one…it’s much too late for prayer at that point.


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