Speedie Gets A Shiny New Bike


All right. I did it. I bought a new bike just eight days before my race. Not the wisest move if you listen to all those “experts.”

Here’s the rationalization:

1. My old bike is a piece of crap. No really, it’s a hazard at this point.

2. The course is absolutely flat with NO sharp turns, changes in elevation or anything resembling technical cycling so it doesn’t seem dangerous. (One of the reasons I chose this race for my first triathlon.)

3. It’s SO pretty and we all know that sports are really about how cool you can look in stretchy fabrics and space-age metals.

4. It was a screaming great deal just a mile and half from my house AND they delivered it to me. (I am a sucker for anything that can be delivered.)

Not only did I buy this bike but I also bought clip-in shoes, but don’t worry, I WON’T be wearing them for the race next weekend. That would certainly cause a disaster for me and whoever was unlucky enough to be riding or dismounting next to me. Certain rookie embarrassment. My new ride has cages and that will be plenty good for this race.

Aero bars won’t be making an appearance for this race for the same reason I won’t be clipping into the danger zone. I am trying to minimize the rookie mistakes BEFORE the race so I have plenty of room and time to make rookie mistakes I haven’t even considered yet ON race day. It’s good to have a plan. (And then ignore it.)


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