Pink Transition & The Flying Squirrel

It is Tuesday. My first triathlon is no longer next month or next week. It’s THIS weekend. Wow and YIKES!

transistion area 740

This is my transition set-up for the race. Sunscreen ’cause it’s Florida, Body Glide ’cause I don’t wanna cry when I get in the shower after this race, a Skirt Sports tri skirt to cover up the sausage legs caused by the tri shorts and my favorite black tank to cover up the muffin top caused by the tri shorts. (I’m having a Homer Simpson moment, mmmmm sausage…mmmmmm muffins.) Pink sneakers with pink Lock Laces, salt encrusted pink visor, pink gear bag. Yes, it is the most pink transition EVER. And it makes me happy which equals not as nervous which equals a better race. In theory, that is.

I watched about 11 YouTube videos on transitions this evening hoping to glean just a few more non-rookie moves time-saving techniques to get me through. What did I learn that I hadn’t already learned from about a zillion books or blogs or articles or podcasts? Not much. Which is good. It means that my ridiculous over-researching nature has paid off.

Some of the most helpful tips I found were related to mounting and dismounting with my shoes clipped into the pedals of my bike instead of on my feet. So glad my clip-in shoes and pedals aren’t here yet so I don’t have to practice THAT before the race. It is both a little scary and wonderful knowing I’ll be practicing a maneuver called the Flying Squirrel next week instead of obsessing about this race.

3 responses to “Pink Transition & The Flying Squirrel

  1. YouTube videos of transition – I hadn’t thought of that! But it’s a great idea, and one more way I can obsessively research about the transition! But it is interesting that you didn’t learn anything new. But maybe seeing it live rather than reading is helpful, I’ve watched Tris in person but not when I thought I was going to do one myself.

    • There was some great info on those videos. I think I just read SO many books and stuff that there wasn’t much left. HA. I’m such a rookie but I will be adding a Resources page to my website sometime this month so fills can see what I found helpful. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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