Speedie’s First Triathlon


I think I haven’t posted since the race (or the race results) because I didn’t want to say good-bye to the first one. It may never be this sweet again.

I placed SECOND in my age group in my first triathlon! (It can only go downhill from here, right?)

Still in a bit of shock, (not just ’cause I got on the podium, but that I DIDN’T crap my pants, or vomit at any point or crash into some cool cyclist or generally embarrass my rookie self) but more than shock I feel a deep, agonizing desire to tri better.

After asking my husband, El Agua, if I should rock out the sprint one more time (surely I could do better at the sprint my second time around) or just go for the Olympic/International/Standard distance, and getting his answer, “um, you placed SECOND in your very first one, I think you rocked it, honey, time to go for the next one” I’d like to announce that Speedie will be rockin’ the Olympic distance triathlon on August 24th.

Already registered. Less than 14 weeks. Go, Speedie! Go!

(I WILL be posting details of my recollections and photos and etc from the race. Kinda waiting for the official photos to be released.)


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