Race Report Fort Desoto Sprint Triathlon

I’m still waiting on the official race photos, including the one of me on the podium, but it’s time to report. And move on. To the next one.

Things I knew already, but was reminded of on race weekend:

My husband is wicked awesome. He knows that I instantly bonded with George. Not only did he insist that George move into the house the moment I got him, but he sacrificed an innocent pool noodle to ensure that George wouldn’t get scratched on the way to the race.

George rides with the Beast

My swim needs work. A ton of work. Good thing I have 13.5 weeks til my next triathlon.

Regular running on the beach/sand makes you strong. There were so many folks groaning and whining the miles away. I know that two years of running on the sand made it easier for me and not just mentally.

I never take enough photos and I hate all photos of myself.

“Speedie” is a fantastic name for a racer. Especially when you place.

Things I kinda knew, but didn’t really know until race weekend:

Fort Desoto is pretty much the perfect place for a triathlon. Plenty of parking, restrooms, palm trees and parking lots seemingly created for transition.


Seeing your bike rack empty the day before the race will make you choke up. If you’re a super dork like me.

bike 398 lives here

Things I didn’t know before my first triathlon, but do now:

The sky before sunrise may not ever be so calming as the moments before you cram your way into a crowd of people ready to dolphin dive into the open water.


Even the fittest women (and men) get sausage legs when they wear compression gear. And they don’t care about it. So now, neither will I. (I think I just matured a little.)

Finishing a triathlon would make me so proud.

Finding out I placed second in my age group would make me smile for days.

After rocking a race, all I could think about would be….what’s my next race?


I’d like to send a huge THANK YOU to my friends, family, colleagues and random people along the way that wished me well when they heard I was tackling my first triathlon.

I thanked every volunteer I saw but I’m sure I missed a few. Multirace put on a crazy good race (this was my first triathlon but NOT my first race) and their volunteers were top notch!

And to Greg, my husband, who has put up with supported me through every at-the-time improbable quest I’ve dreamed up over the past 16 years I’d like to say THANK YOU in the biggest possible letters in my happiest loud-girl voice. The impossible-until-now is almost easy when you have someone as fantastic as Greg to cheer you on!

And to Charity Vezie, my girl, my sista from Maui, my triathlon inspiration…I want to say “rally, rally, rally!!” as she’ll be rocking Ironman Coeur d’Alene on June 23rd. Knowing and being loved by Charity has made me a better person in so many ways and now, it’s made me a triathlete. One of my proudest moments. I love you, Charity.

speedie finishes her first triathlon

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