I’ll Be Serious This Time, I Swear

I meant to take training super serious last race. Really, I did. But somehow I slacked my way through it. Fantasizing Visualization is truly the only part of my training plan that I didn’t skate through. Sure, I ran some tough trail races as part of my training and I did slosh around in the pool, but if I’m honest with myself, and with you…I slacked my way through training. Perhaps I didn’t take it seriously since it was “only a sprint.” And placing second in my age group wasn’t likely to scare motivate me to get serious.

Registering for a more serious distance, however, that may do the trick.

I registered for the Olympic/International distance of the same event, same location, same race in August. It’s pretty much double the distance I did last week and has quite possibly impressed upon me the need to get serious. I want to be a serious person racer.

can't take you seriously in those socks

Okay, nobody is going to take me seriously in those socks. (They are COMPRESSION socks so they are serious AND delightful!)

Have no fear, Speedie will be serious this time. I’ve already committed to a race training plan and even programmed it into my calendar. When something makes it onto my phone/computer calendar you know it’s serious.

On a date-day bike ride, the hubby and I spotted this sign. It’s totally unrelated to anything triathlon, but we could tell we should take it literally and VERY seriously.this pavilion is reserved for DANCING

Yeah, you read that right. This pavilion is reserved EVERY DAY for DANCING!


One response to “I’ll Be Serious This Time, I Swear

  1. Awesome – get serious time! I need to finalize my Sprint training plan and plug it into my calendar. I keep saying I’m starting the real training next week but I have NOT gotten serious!

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