Last Day Before I Get “Serious”

Today is the first day of June or as some lovely Brit has declared it, Juneathon. I don’t remember exactly how I found out about this, doubtless it was on a running obsessed blog, but it seemed harmless enough. Juneathon simply put, is about running (or being active) every day of June AND blogging about it. Or more simply, as the website says, “Juneathon is an annual festival of activity and excuses. Are you hardcore enough to run and blog every day?” Why yes, I am. Chalk me up for a 5k today, please. (You can check out their FB page here.)

Today is also the last day of my intentional slackery. (Yeah, I just made that word up and I happen to think it’ll stick.) My training cycles start on Sundays since I’m off on Sundays and Mondays. I’ll be running some slow, easy miles after I volunteer at the Mad Beach Triathlon tomorrow morning. This will be the first time El Agua (Greg’s volunteer alter ego) and I have volunteered together and I’m looking forward to it even if it means waking up at 4am on my day off and NOT racing.

Mad Dogs t-shirt

Today is also the day I got a special little package in the mail from the St Pete Mad Dogs. My OFFICIAL membership package. YAY! I am such a dork, I know.   Some triathlon groups allow anyone to join, which is fantastic in that let’s-include-everybody-kinda-way, but the Mad Dogs only let you join if you’ve completed a triathlon. And now that I’m a rookie triathlete, I have been welcomed into the fold pack.  Not only did I get to hang out and have a beer with some fun-loving triathletes (not since living on Maui has that happened) but I WON an entry into a new sprint triathlon, the Courage To Tri. It’s gonna be held on gorgeous Sand Key which is between my house and Clearwater. Of course, it’s on August 24th, which is the same day as what was to be my first international distance tri. But that’s okay since Multirace will let me transform my registration into a future race credit. I dig that, especially since it is so rare to not lose your money if for some reason you need/want to defer. Like you would if you won a race entry ’cause you were super lucky.

Courage To Tri

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