I’m Proof You Can Be Serious AND A Dumbass

So, I’m serious, yet still a dumbass, apparently.

You know I’m serious ’cause I woke up before my alarm told me I had to and got dressed for a run. Not only did I go for a run, but I went out in some serious wind. Not kidding, it was the windiest run I have ever gone on. (Feels like I’ve said that three times this year.)

serious waves comin' inNot quite sure this picture truly conveys the ridiculousness of this morning, but perhaps it does since you can’t see any other runners out there. Usually, I pass 3-8 runners (super scientific calculations) on my pre-8am runs on the beach. This morning I only saw one other runner. An equally badass chick, I might add.

rocked worked thru my 3.5 miles on the not-even-close-to-hard-packed sand and made my way home so that I could hydrate, shower, eat and go to work.  THEN I headed to the gym to grab a sauna, swim and yoga class. I planned a serious day. Too bad I didn’t remember my gym locker lock until AFTER driving, parking and walking into the gym. Dumbass.

I wish I was one of those trusting women I see NOT using a lock on their lockers. Perhaps they forgot their lock and just went for it, but alas, I just couldn’t do it. I would feel like even more of a dumbass if I spent 2 1/2 hours at the gym only to be robbed.

Today, I was one of those women that only worked out once and drank a glass of wine or two anyway.

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