Yes, I AM (Tropical Storm) Andrea

For those of you who only know me as Speedie, you should know that Speedie is my last name. Andrea is my first. As in Tropical Storm Andrea, hopefully NOT Hurricane Andrea.

It never occurred to me that I would ever be a tropical storm/hurricane. (And yet I’m pretty sure my mother feared saw this coming in a non-weather kind of way.) So, it is unnerving to find my name next to a mean little hurricane symbol superimposed over a map of where I live. Tropical Storm AndreaIt also never occurred to me, until last year, that I could or would be a triathlete but I am.

And just like a hurricane, it doesn’t just happen with no warning. First, it’s an unstable pocket of air=a desire/yearning to be as cool as your friends who became triathletes. And then, it develops into a churning bit of uncertainty=the scary realization that once you pay the money and tell everyone you know about your first triathlon that you’re GONNA have to do it even if you do crash or vomit or otherwise embarrass yourself. After all that hot air and momentum (and hopefully a little training) race day comes, you rock and/or live through it and you’re a triathlete. (Also known as swirling natural phenomena.)

So yes, I am Hurricane Andrea.

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