2013 Tri Season Evolves

As I change George’s first flat, I wonder if I can wait til August 24th to race again.

Yesterday, in my quest to deepen my 2013 race schedule I registered for the Rev3 Florida Olympic distance tri, but that isn’t til November, and does nothing to bridge the time gap between now and the Courage To Tri.

So now I’m eyeing the Top Gun triathlon in July. And possibly using my credit from Multirace for their Sept race. (Part of me wants to get through a few sprints and olympic distance triathlons this year and use my Multirace credit for next year’s half Iron distance Miami Man.)

Any suggestions for triathlons other than Top Gun and FD3 this summer in central/west Florida? (I’ll be running off-road races all year ’round, including the Picnic Island Run this Friday night.)

How many races do you manage to cram into a season?


One response to “2013 Tri Season Evolves

  1. I don’t know what local races there are, when I lived there I was signed up for a mini Tri that was more towards Orlando. Does the Tri club have any practice races or low-key/budget races to keep in race shape?

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