Speedie Plays Catch-Up

Oopsie. Turns out I have temporarily forgotten that I have a blog.  Fear not loyal reader(s) I’ll catch you up on all you’ve missed:

Thursday. My best swim this year. Only a half mile in the pool but it was a QUALITY half mile. No junk laps or sloppy technique on that one.

Friday. After work, just before sunset I ran the Picnic Island Adventure Run with my friend Matt. Whew, that was a tough one and not just because of the water crossings.

Picnic Island waterlineThis photo was part of an informational email sent out by TampaRaces.com. It failed to mention that there would be several more “water obstacles/crossings” and that this was the most tame. I don’t want to spoil the course for those of you who haven’t done it yet, so I won’t detail them here. (I also wouldn’t want you to have an unfair advantage on me. Just kidding.)

This was one of those races that was humbling and still a joy to run. First, let’s chronicle all the silly mistakes I made that lead to such an embarrassing finish time:

I know I can’t eat anything solid within 3 or 4 hours of a run. And certainly not anything with mashed potatoes. Somehow, that’s what I was eating for lunch that day. As I shoveled those lovely potatoes into my mouth I knew it was wrong and I didn’t care.

I wore Gore-tex trail shoes. When you know that there will be water crossing DON’T wear waterproof shoes. Duh. They will not allow one drop of water to leave your shoe once it’s in there. And I knew this. How? Because I wore these same sneakers for my last Xterra race (same masochistic secret-water-obstacle-lovin’ race-director) and vowed that I would not wear them again for any race involving water hazards.

I didn’t get Lock Laces for my trail sneakers. I knew better. Again, after that last trail race I swore I would. And I didn’t. Dumbass.

I was chatting away with my buddy Matthew when we realized that we’d lined up ON the start line. When we realized this and all the super fast people lined up BEHIND us I should have been humble realistic and moved to the middle. But I didn’t because I didn’t want to be the scared girl. So instead, I went out way too fast, lost my breath and developed cramps. Stupid, stupid girl.

This was my first race since officially becoming a Mad Dog and I recognized a fellow Mad Dog on the course and got a “Go, Dog!” in return. Big goofy smile on my face. So glad that I didn’t forget to smile and have a good time in spite of myself and now I know what to expect for July’s race. Oh yeah, I’m doin’ it again.

Sunday. Nice easy, longish run on the beach trail. Maybe I’ll get on that water slide after a run sometime. (This is the third summer in a row that I’ve walked/run past that water slide and NOT gotten on it. What’s wrong with me, people? This must be remedied.)


Monday. Lovely 22 mile bike ride with El Agua, aka Greg the lovely husband. We loaded up the bikes in the truck and headed up to Dunedin. We jumped on the Pinellas Trail there and rode up to Tarpon Springs and back.


El Agua at work

I set my sights on the Dunedin Brewery for a post-ride brew and was not disappointed. Apricot Peach Ale and a Double Oatmeal Pale Ale. Yummy! The fish tacos were yummy, too. Did you know that Dunedin Brewery is the state’s oldest craft brewery?

20130617_142519Whew, that means we’re all caught up now. I’m gonna attempt my first half-mile open water swim as a St Pete Mad Dog tomorrow night in Pass-a-Grille.

BIG shout out to Charity Vezie, Cameron Pickar and Mikey Montoya as they board a plane tonight from Maui to Idaho to race in Ironman CDA this weekend. Thank you for inspiring me to attempt a triathlon. It’s changed my life forever. I hope that a fast, safe and fun Ironman changes you forever, too.

Thanks, Octopus Full disclosure: I did not create this thankful octopus. I found him/her on a run last week and just knew it would come in handy someday.

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