Speedie Loves El Agua

Last week, I ran for the first time with Running For Brews St Pete. It was a test to see if Greg aka El Agua would have a good time. (I guilt him into sooooo many things and I’m trying to be more selective before he revolts.)

El Agua runs for brews

On Mondays, the RFB folks run from The Ale and The Witch, a craft beer joint. Soooo many tasty brews. And as you can see there was no revolt or utter mutiny. Just a couple easy miles along the waterfront and a couple tasty brews. On our anniversary. Oh, yeah. Monday was our anniversary and I convinced Greg to run with strangers to celebrate. Looks like we have a new Monday night ritual. Who says old married people can’t do something new?

(I also got to thank the lady runner that helped me at Fit2Run right before my triathlon. AND I won a beer during the raffle AND got a free half-hour massage.)

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