A New Kind of Triathlon

Whew. I barely made it out alive. I enjoy managing a small boutique resort on Treasure Island, Florida and this past week was intense. Since July 4th fell in the middle of the week and since crazy, relentless rain fell almost every hour for days the holiday seemed a little longer, a little messier and a little more chaotic. But I survived.

I started my weekend off right by heading out for a run just as soon as I could drink my weight in coffee. It was one of those days where mentally I really wanted to rock out my run but my body was not feelin’ it. I went anyway and although I stopped to chat and walk with some friends on the beach I managed to keep a pretty respectable pace. Even managed to power up my bridge for a little extra intensity.

Day two included a sweet 4 mile kayak with El Agua. This is the first time either one of us can remember paddling and NOT seeing a dolphin. Weird. Perhaps they had a hard week, too.

Back to work today and as I’d hoped it was peaceful and quiet and no one was yelling at me. (That’s always nice.) And to celebrate, I created a new workout. New for me, anyway. I’m calling it the S4Tri.

What is the S4Tri? Glad you asked. Speedie’s Super Sprint & Sauna Tri. First you ride your bike 3.5 miles to the gym as fast as you can, then you take a sauna, then you swim a quarter of a mile with the most perfect form you can manage, then you take another sauna. Then back on the bike for a super quick return of 3.5 miles immediately followed by a mile run. If you’re lucky like I was today you’ll walk in the door just minutes before the downpour and thunder and lightning start.

And then you’ll come home and blog like a good little triathlete.

Speedie & the kayaks

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