What’s The Definition Of A Tri Season?

(This posted was originally posted on GoSpeedieGo.com on June 29th.)

Until I  finished my first triathlon I didn’t register for a second. (Did not want to endure the humiliation of not finishing a first and THEN have to suck up the inevitable DNS on my second.)

But I DID finish my first tri. In fact, I placed second in my age group. This shouldn’t be a surprise to you unless this is your first time reading my blog  ’cause I have told just about everyone I know (in person and in the interweb) that I placed second in my age group, BUT if it IS your first time reading my blog, THANK YOU, and yes, triathlon has changed my life and my outlook on my life, which is probably more important than what life can be sometimes.

ANYWAY…my “season” has gone from only one little sprint tri with room for more  to a solid 4 race season. I say “solid” but I have no idea what constitutes a solid race season. I live in Florida, so it seems sometimes that unless you race every month between April (St Anthony’s) til Nov (whatever craziness you happen to take on) you aren’t truly participating.

I realize that if I lived in most other places in the country, or the world, that triathlon would NOT be as accessible as it is in Florida. (Florida has more triathlons than any other state in the US and more than EVERY other country.)

So…I will be ever so grateful that I have been able to run/bike the mountains/hills/beaches/trails/random-ridiculous-places  that I have and know that as long as I wake up tomorrow, there will be new adventures.

AND that I will be racing Top Gun tri on July 27th. Yeah.

Andrea Speedie on the podium

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