Taper? Taper From What?

Next Saturday is my next sprint triathlon. That means I should be tapering or reducing the volume of my training. How do you reduce from nearly zero?

July has been a rough training month for me and I’m pretty sure I’ve temporarily lost my mojo. My running miles are half what they were in June. My cycling miles are a third. And my swim? The sport I need the most discipline and practice? Well, I think I’ve only logged two decent swims this month. And they weren’t even open water swims. Ugh.

It’s not like I don’t have the time. I do. It’s not that I don’t have indoor workout options when the weather is bad. I have a membership at a better than average gym. It’s my mojo.

I read posts by two bloggers yesterday that seem to be feeling like I do lately. Lack of workout motivation and lack of blogging motivation. A general sense of malaise. Loss of mojo.

There will undoubtedly be some missing-mojo-related-self-butt-kicking come next Saturday. Top Gun is a much bigger race than my last triathlon with many fast ladies. You can bet I won’t be on the podium this time around. My tri shorts might fit a little tighter than needed. My swim will surely not be pleasant or swift. And my sense of triumph dampened just a bit. Or maybe not.

When I finish it will be with even less training than last time. When I finish it will be in much hotter and stickier weather. When I finish it will be just what I need to reclaim my mojo.

Anybody else missing their mojo?

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