Operation Reattach Mojo

Guilt and shame, or rather the avoidance of either, is what is keeping me from conveniently “forgetting” that I’m registered for a triathlon this weekend. I’ll be honest. I kinda lost my mojo. Yeah, let’s blame it on the weather.

I feel like I’m making a mental comeback and I had a great ride yesterday with El Agua, but now is not the time to try to make up for laps and miles I should have tallied in the past weeks and didn’t. It’s not the time to make myself feel any worse than I already do for dropping the ball. It’s time to reflect on all the progress I’ve made and remember what I learned from my first triathlon that I can use during this one.

My first triathlon and the one this weekend (Fort Desoto & Top Gun, respectively) are essentially the same race. Same location, same course. A few minor differences: hundreds more racers in this race, July vs May weather and I’m not a complete rookie for this one. I actually know a bunch of seasoned triathletes in the area by joining the St Pete Mad Dogs so that means potentially more people I’ll try like hell NOT to embarass myself in front of to rally me on and to inspire me.

And there are some bloggers I’ve been following that will be racing Top Gun this weekend and maybe I’ll get to meet them, cheer them on and generally bask in their glory. As long as I don’t pass out I’ll be feeling glorious.

Here’s where I’ll be huffing and puffing on Saturday:

Top Gun Tri

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