A Runner’s Introduction To Orcas Island

trails signs Moran State Park

The saying around here goes: If you’re lucky enough to live Orcas, you’re lucky enough. Couldn’t agree more. Especially if you love running in the woods and mountains like I do.

Orcas Island is but 55 square miles and yet it’s home to Washington’s fourth largest state park, Moran State Park. With nearly 40 miles of sweet runnable trails it is heaven. (Hikers, paddlers, bird-watchers, and mountain bikers call this park heaven, too.) If you’re looking for a destination trail race, you’ll be stoked to run one of the races lovingly directed by Rainshadow Running and Bellingham Trail Running Series. From kid fun runs to 50k ultras, every racer gets to experience the remote and unspoiled beauty of the Pacific Northwest’s famed lush trails.

Another jewel for runners (hikers, mtn bikers, anybody with a pulse) is Turtleback Mountain Preserve. Some of the most postcard-worthy shots in the San Juan Islands come from this spot.

And since we all know that running and beer go together so well, I’d like to introduce you to Orcas’ only brewery, Island Hoppin’ Brewery. Reason enough to come to Orcas.

If you’re lucky enough to run and chug on Orcas, you’re lucky enough indeed.

Rainshadow Running logo Bellingham Trail Race Series

Island Hoppin' Brewery logo  SJCLAB logo

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