Florida. Again.


2016 began with El Agua and I moving from Northern California back to the sunny shores of Florida. We were the managers of sprawling super remote off-the-grid hot springs resort and it just wasn’t for us. When it became obvious that to stay would not bring us happiness we choose to dive into the unknown. AGAIN. Pretty standard stuff for us.

And I’m so glad we did. I landed a sweet gig running a boutique hotel on Clearwater Beach which means we live just 187 Speedie-sized steps from the #1 Beach in America according to TripAdvisor. And it means I get to resume my triathlon dreams. Sure, technically I could have participated in triathlons in Washington or California, but those frigid waters just aren’t my thing.

As 2016 comes to a close, I have been obsessing planning and setting goals for 2017. Races on the list and registered for: Chilly Willy Duathlon in January, Ironman 70.3 Florida and the iconic St Anthony’s Olympic triathlons in April. Plan to race as many of the local triathlons as I can during the summer.


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