IM70.3Florida – Wk16 OR Yes, I’m Refusing ALL Cocktails and Cookies

sunset-first-day-of-winter-c“The Plan” has been activated. El Agua and I spent my last, long debaucherous weekend eating and drinking our way across the state to the east coast party towns and Miami Beach. And I have returned, a little bloated, and with a renewed and fervent dedication to the straight and narrow path of HIM training.

What does that mean, you say? First off, I am not going to drink alcohol for the next 16 weeks. Possibly longer. For now, I am happily foregoing wine and cocktails and beer to ensure I survive rock this triathlon. No big whoop.

And since I am not known for taking it easy on myself, I will also be adopting a *LCHF regime, eschewing all grains, sugars and high glycemic load foods. (*Yeah, there are a million different variations of LCHF lifestyle eating regimes. Not trying to define it for anyone but myself. I don’t want to use the word “diet” as this is meant, for ME, to be a way-of-eating-forever-with-special-occasion-dalliances as opposed to a plan-until-I drop-10-pounds kinda thing.) I was heavily influenced by The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss a few years ago and I have drastically reduced the amount of potatoes, pasta, bread and such that I consume. I have never enjoyed the sugary gels and sports drinks, so it appeared logical to go the LCHF route and try to become fat adapted. Should I be attempting this at the same time I’m training for my first HIM? Probably not, but I’m going to anyway.

“The Plan” is the 16wk Competitive Be Iron Fit plan by Don & Melanie Fink. Again, between the plans: Just Finish, Intermediate and Competitive, should I be following the Competitive plan? Maybe not, but I am healthy and have PLENTY of time. (More on not being a time-crunched athlete later.) These plans utilize heart rate training and for the first eight weeks prescribe all training occur in zone 2. (Four zones with 2 being a relatively easy effort and 4 being the pain zone.)  Many proponents of the LCHF lifestyle caution athletes that they may not have “power” for “hard workouts”  when beginning the transition to fat adapted. Theoretically, if I stick to the regime, I should be “mostly adapted” by the time the 8 weeks of zone 2 give way to the zone 4 efforts and I shouldn’t suffer from the lack of energy that can result from not being adapted. It’s all a theory.

Ground rules have been set. “The Plan” has been initiated. Theories shall be tested. Winter has officially started, but if you’ve been paying any attention to the weather you’ve noticed that Florida is not participating.



Winter Solstice Sunset Run














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