Wk15 OR Training By Heart Rate is an Ego Killer

Wanna have your already middle-of-the-pack and utterly fragile athlete ego shattered? Start training by heart rate.

I see the value: train slower to teach your heart and your body to run, ride and swim more efficiently and with quicker recovery and eventually you’ll be faster at the same heart rate with a lower perceived level of effort. Who doesn’t want that? But to get there you must train SLOW. Mind-blowingly, embarrassed-to-run-in-your-own-neighborhood slow. I want to look strangers in the eye, especially the runners, and tell them “I can run SO much faster than this, really, but I’m following THE PLAN.” That’s ego. That’s caring about what other people think when they probably aren’t even thinking about me. (And if they were, who cares? A lifetime to spend working on that.) I’m trying to be a better person. A better athlete. So I’m letting my ego get trampled by my miserably slow miles right now.


still managed to lap this guy

But not on Wednesdays. Wednesdays have been group run nights for me for a while now. I was running with RFB (Running For Brews) since last June, but last night I tried out a new-to-me group, SHAC (Safety Harbor Athletic Club). I’m told by Coach Leo that it is the oldest social running group in the Tampa Bay area and it is heavily attended by triathletes, especially ones on my team, Outspokin Multisport Team. Their run route is part of a path that Frank and I have ridden many times and always thought I’d love to run. So I did. Without my heart rate monitor. I will faithfully adhere to Zone 2 for all my runs until being granted access to Zone 4 in 6 wks EXCEPT my Wednesday runs. I am balancing my need for consistent training with the social part of triathlon that is so enticing and important to me. And maybe just a touch of ego. Hey, I’m not perfect.

Not perfect, but I did nail Wk16 and am progressing thru wk15 with all green workouts. (Using Training Peaks on my iPhone and laptop to log and track my workouts and when you complete a workout as planned, it goes from gray to green. Miss it and it turns red. Go too short or way too long and it turns yellow.)

THE PLAN dictates and measures all workout in time, not distance, so here’s my hours for Wk16:

  • swim: 2:08:30 (should have 3:00:00, so there was a bit of yellow on that week)
  • ride: 3:12:00 (nailed it)
  • run: 1:46:17 (nailed that one, too)
  • meditation: 1:26:00 (yep, working my way up to 20 minutes of meditation each morning, but not including these times in my weekly training totals)
  • planks 0:05:20 (another ego killer at the moment)

TOTAL TIME for WK16: 7:12:07 (Also not included in these totals: the gazillion minutes I spent contemplating fretting about my plan and minutes spent in gratitude that I get to run in and around sand and NOT snow.)

sand not snow









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