Whew. Made it to Wk14. Made it to 2017.


last run of 2016

First two weeks of IM70.3FL training are on the books and 2016 is no more. Since I gave up alcohol for training two weeks ago I’m not feeling the pervasive post-holiday binge, guilt and over-compensation misery that seems to be floating around this week. I woke up without an alarm around 7am on New Years’ Day without a hangover and ready to swim. Coach Leo hosts an open water swim on Clearwater Beach every New Years’ Day (officially this is the 5th year, but it has been informally occurring for the past 12 years) and it was a fantastic way to begin this new trip around the sun. I did consume, without a trace of guilt, some all the sugary and carby deliciousness, but I did forego the alcohol as I had a brick to rock out.


Wk15 summary:

  • swim: 1:22:45 (totally screwed up my pool schedule, but did get an unscheduled OWS on the books)
  • ride: 3:32:00 (THE PLAN fully followed)
  • run: 2:48:16  (nailed the run per THE PLAN, too)
  • meditation: 1:44:00 (now up to 20 minutes for each morning session)
  • planks 0:06:40 (how is it that these get both easier and harder each time?)

TOTAL TIME for WK15: 7:49:41 (Not included in these totals:  Time in meditation and time spent searching for the non-existent sweets in my kitchen)



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