Wk12 OR I’m confused, what week is it now?


Last week (wk13) was a good training week if you forget the swimming and planking. Which I should NOT forget since the swim is not my strongest sport. (I’d like to say that the swimming this week was on track, but it was not.)

Wednesday night was another social run with the Safety Harbor Athletic Club where I completed my 45 minute run and didn’t drink, but did shove a couple pieces of highly carby treats into my mouth. And I regret nothing.

Friday was the first Ladies CCC ride of 2017. Wow, I love riding with the ladies. No offense fellas, but rides with dudes in the group always feels like a race and when you’re following THE PLAN, most rides aren’t races. Z2 is where its at for me and my rides and I love that I can stay in the top end of that range while getting in a social ride.ladies-ride-jan-13-2017

Sunday was the MOCK for the Chilly Willy Duathlon at Ft De Soto Park to be held on Jan 29th. I love the mock races that Outspokin and Fred put on for us.


The first time I went to a mock triathlon, El Agua asked me, what are you mocking? Mock as a verb vs mock as a noun. We don’t mock anything and we don’t race. ‘Cause it’s not a race. It’s just a practice with friends and teammates. And so much fun. I hope we get the same weather for the race as we did for the mock, but historically it IS chilly.

THE PLAN didn’t specifically say I COULDN’T do a du or mock du, just that I was to ride my bike for 2:45 and then ride for :30. So the training went as follows: a 1 mile run, nearly 10 mile ride and then a 2.5 run at Ft De Soto. Then the drive home, lunch, a small nap and then back on trainer for the remaining time on the bike. I didn’t WANT to get back on the bike, but I did it anyway. That’s training. At least I can feel good about that.

Wk13 summary:

  • swim: 0:00:25 (Yes, I actually logged 25 seconds swimming this week. And those few seconds were testing my sleeveless wetsuit. Sleeves hadn’t arrived yet and water temps were in the mid 60s and I am a total cold-water wus, thus the twenty-five seconds. Pathetic showing this week.)
  • ride: 5:02:45 (Once again nailed the ride portion of THE PLAN this week.)
  • run: 3:52:13  (Not getting a whole lot faster but logging all the time prescribed. Trust the plan, Speedie, trust THE PLAN.)
  • meditation: 1:40:00 (Starting to see a correlation btwn NOT meditating and what I let get in the way of my day when I don’t.)
  • planks 0:00:00 (Not one second of planks this week. Yeah, completely dropped the ball on that one, too)

TOTAL TIME for WK13: 8:55:23 (Not included in these totals: Time in meditation and time torturing myself for not swimming or planking.)

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