About Speedie

Andrea Speedie is a generally fun chick. She’s a trail runner turned triathlete. She likes to make people laugh even if they are laughing at her. She adores words and food and wine and running in cute skirts and crazy socks. She thinks sharing all of these with her family and friends, in-person and online, is pretty fantastic too.

In the past 20 years, Speedie (and her boyfriend-turned-husband and their dog pals) moved from Maui to Park City, Utah and then to Durango, Colorado. Next she moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and then back to Maui. Then to Portland, Oregon. She packed it all up again and moved to Treasure Island, Florida and then to Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington. After that there was a brief time living in Northern California until the sunny shores and warm waters of Florida lured her back. Currently, in Clearwater Beach and hoping this is the last big move. For a while.

To read more ramblings and random utterances:

We can be friends on the ol’ Facebook: GoSpeedieGO

If you Tweet, you can follow her: @MsSpeedie

Wanna just contact me from here? Use the form below.

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